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NPS is a fishing platform to help you recruit, manage, and highlight all your ProStaff
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Everything you need to power your ProStaff program

NPS brings all your ProStaff into one place and exposes them everywhere
Recruitment Tools
Find new ProStaff. Streamline your application process to save time in reviewing candidates.
Management Tools
Private team talk forum, calendar, activity logs, and analytics so that you can measure the ROI of your Prostaff program.
Mobile Apps
Stay connected with your team and their activity while you’re on the go.
Get meaningful exposure for your ProStaff and all your products to drive up sales
ProStaff posts are branded with your logo
Allow anglers to tag your products in posts
Empower your ProStaff to interact with millons of anglers all over the world
Show off your entire brand’s product catalog in our innovative gear section
Much, much more!
Join hundreds of leading brands already using NPS
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