Here are some of the most common questions we receive here at NPS:

Q. Can I actually get sponsored using NPS? 

A. NPS works with real companies that are always trying to expand their market share. This means finding and working with quality individuals that can help them sell more products. NPS works with the companies to streamline the sponsorship process and create a standard in the industry. This helps you and the company save time and money and is the preferred way for companies to review and select applicants.


Q. What are my chances? 

A. 1 out of 5 people that apply to brands through NPS get sponsored. Why? Every month, thousands of individuals spam fishing brands via emails, tradeshows, and cold calling looking for sponsorship. The vast majority of those people aren’t very serious and the serious anglers get lost in the masses. Because of this, anglers deserving of sponsorship most often never get looked at or receive a response! We created the solution for anglers that are serious about getting sponsored. These anglers can pay a small NPS service fee that filters out those thousands of non-serious spam applicants and therefore brands only get applications from people serious about their brand. This results in a great chance towards getting sponsored. NPS has created a standard template resume companies want to read that you will have to submit, therefore taking the leg work and guessing out of what companies want to know about you. Since you will be submitting the right information to the company through NPS, and the screening process is made simple for the companies, your chances are greatest through NPS to get sponsored! 

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Q. When I apply and pay for an application submitted to a company, does the brand get the money? 

A. No brands don't. We here at NPS collect that money for the service(s) we provide. This helps cover website, operational, and staffing costs. It costs a great deal to build and maintain the NPS platform, and employ quality staff available to best assist brands and NPS members.


Q. How can I best utilize NPS’ features to show companies what I can do for them? 

A. NPS provides you with many different ways to promote yourself. The best way is by upgrading your account to Amateur Pro status to brag about yourself, display quality photos, and upload good videos. These are all great ways to prove you deserve to represent a team. 


Q. Do I need an Amateur Profile to apply for sponsorship? 

A. Although an Amateur Pro profile will help you better display your skills and worth as an applicant, you are still able to apply for sponsorship using your free NPS account and filling out and submitting your resume using the resume tool to the company you choose.


Q. How many times should I fish a week to get sponsored? 

A. Every angler is different. Some ProStaff report having to work much harder than other ProStaff just to remain competitive. It’s up to you to decide if you feel you're spending enough time on the water to be competitive and knowledgeable enough to sell a sponsor's product.


Q. The sponsorship resume seems lengthy, what if I don’t have experience in all categories or don’t have a great vehicle or expensive boat? 

A. Although companies would love to have ProStaff that are great at all categories; the reality is that most sponsored ProStaff are well rounded and very good at one or two things that separates them from everyone else. An expensive boat and vehicle is not necessary to impress NPS companies. Analyze your abilities and find a way to separate yourself from other anglers on your resume and profile. Remember, these companies do not have scouts out there watching people fish, so it’s your responsibility to think of ways to explain and display your skills which can sell more for these companies. Posting often and getting a following on NPS is a great way to do that.


Q. I don’t fish tournaments. Should I bother applying? 

A. Although tournaments can be a good way to get noticed, it’s not the only way! Companies make products for all kinds of tournament and non-tournament species of fish and they need help selling their product in other ways. Outdoor writing, online reports, availability for tradeshows, charitable work, relationships with retailers, and use of social media are just some of the ways you can help these companies while they support you! Think outside the box and work on your angle. 


Q. What can I expect from a company after they sponsor me? 

A. Sponsorship isn’t an exact science. Many companies offer discounts, products, and money depending on what you can do for them. The more valuable a company feels you are to them the more you will get in return. Work hard and make sure you go above and beyond what your sponsor demands from you, and you can expect a fair return for your efforts. 


Q. I just applied to a company for sponsorship. How long will it take to hear back from them? 

A. Depending on the volume of applicants or the time a company has set aside for this review process, some companies review and respond to applications weekly, while others can take upwards of two months or more. 


Q. I have applied to a Team, how do I know the status of my application? 

A. In your profile you will find a button on the left called Sponsorship management. In that area you can keep track of your current sponsors, sponsors that have requested to add you, and your sponsorship application status.


Q. I’m sponsored, now what? 

A. Remember, sponsorship in the fishing industry is a business and your sponsor will always expect return on investment. Make sure you do exactly what you said you would when you made your deal and be sure to go above and beyond whenever you can. This will not only keep your sponsor happy but will save you from having to seek new sponsors every year. Also, be sure that your sponsor knows what you’re up to and what you have done for them lately. They expect frequent updates. NPS helps your sponsors keep track of your reports and your online presence.


Q. Does NPS help me manage my sponsors? 

A. Yes! NPS offers all teams ProStaff with direct access to their team's calendars, private team talk and automatically displays your reports and other activity on your team’s pages without having to manually post it for every one of your sponsors. Promote yourself and your personal agenda while keeping your sponsors happy at the same time in way less time. The harder you work the happier you and your sponsors will be. 


Q. What if I have no interest in getting sponsored but love to fish? What can I get out of NPS? 

A. Since NPS attracts the best Pro Anglers and Amateurs eager to work hard to please their sponsors by providing great content and videos to the site, the average member is able to take advantage of the enormous amount of quality fishing information flowing through NPS. You are able to create your own custom feed that is supplied from the anglers you choose to follow. These individuals might be good local anglers or just anglers that interest you. That’s what’s great about NPS, it’s your choice and it’s your way!


Q. How can the social sharing buttons allow me to maximize the exposure of my posts and profile on NPS? 

A. Social buttons allow members to do all of their reporting and work using their profile and then sharing these activities to other popular social media sites. By simply clicking the appropriate social icon you are able to post your or anyone’s activity on our favorite social media site. (Facebook/Twitter/etc.)