For purposes of this Privacy Policy (“Policy” or “Privacy Policy”), the term “us”, “we”, “NPS”, “National Prostaff”, “our”, and “NationalProStaff.com” refers to National Prostaff Inc., an Ontario, Canada Company. “You” and “your” refers to you, as a user of the NationalProStaff.com (the “website”) service. NationalProStaff.com allows users, also known as, “Members”, “Pros”, “Pro”, “Pro Staff”, “Am”, “Amateur Pros”, “Companies”, and “Teams” to create personal profiles that share and display information (including blogs/photos/videos, product reviews and recommendations, and other social media content), and allows users to utilize NPS services to apply for sponsorship, self-promote, network, and gather information. This is all done within NationalProStaff.com.

For NationalProStaff.com and the services we offer to function, which include but are not limited to the ability to match members with Pro Staff, Amateur Pros, sponsorship opportunities, and other members, the ability to gather valuable information, generate a fan base, operate a social network with interaction between members, businesses, and friends we require you to provide information about yourself. “Participants” include, but are not limited to, athletes, fisherman, fisherwomen, Pro Staff, Amateur Pro’s, gamers, actors, celebrities, and models. NationalProStaff.com is highly dedicated to offering a secure, friendly, and safe website for everyone regardless of age. We are highly committed to safeguard all personal information collected online. Since children will visit this website, we help children protect their privacy while on our site. We ask that they do not disclose any more personal information than that which may be required to access and use our website and its features.  We ask that children seek parental guidance before submitting any personal information on our site and ask that parents discuss the dangers of providing personal information especially to anyone they don’t know personally.

What this Privacy Policy Covers: This Privacy Policy covers NationalProStaff’s use of personal information that is collected when you are actively using the NationalProStaff.com website and services. This Privacy Policy does not apply to the actions and practices of third parties, companies which National Prostaff does not own and control, or anyone that National Prostaff does not manage or employ.

Applicability: This Privacy Policy applies when you are accessing NationalProStaff.com from either a personal computer, mobile device, or any kind of technology in existence or future developed/found to exist and you are accessing the website as, and not limited to, a Participant, Member, Pro Staff, Amateur Pro or any other user. This Privacy Policy is part of the Terms and Conditions set fourth in our Terms of Use Agreement. This Privacy Policy governs the Personal Information and Other Information obtained by our company via the NationalProStaff.com website. This Privacy Policy does not cover any information obtained by any other company unless clearly stated. We may at times consolidate information with other information we gather from other various sources, such as information from participating companies and members, advertisers, and upon doing so the generated information from this consolidation process will be subject to this Privacy Policy. Your use of NationalProStaff.com clearly indicates your acceptance of this Privacy Policy and the gathering, storage, usage, disclosure, and management of your Personal Information and Other Information described herein. We reserve the right to modify and/or revise this Privacy Policy at any given time by posting an updated version without advance notice to you. These modifications and revisions are effective upon posting to NationalProStaff.com. We recommend that you check the Privacy Policy regularly for updates.

National Prostaff is fully committed to the protection of user privacy. It is important to us that you understand how we collect, disclose and use your personal information you share with us and that we are committed to keeping this personal and other information secure. No data transmitted online is 100% secure from invasion, but to ensure the protection of your personal information we implement and maintain reasonable physical, electronic and procedural safeguards to limit these intrusions.

Eligibility: Individuals visiting NationalProStaff.com can browse and participate in various activities without submitting any personal or identifiable information. Some activities and features do however require the following information to be submitted by the user: email address, age, sex, location, address, and various other surveyed information. If a person who registers for NationalProStaff.com indicates that they are under the age of 13, NPS will collect no personal identifiable information and inform the individual that parental consent is required to use the website. At that time, National Prostaff will request and use the parent’s email address in conjunction with the user’s email address to complete the registration process. The parent’s email address will be used to obtain the parent’s verifiable consent and/or notify the parent of the child’s website usage and activity and can unsubscribe or remove the child from, but not limited to, any activity, email notification, and membership of NationalProstaff.com. We will not limit or condition the participation of any individual under the age of 13 in any online service or activity on disclosure of more information that is reasonably required to participate in the activity or service. If at any time you would like to review any information we have gathered from your child, remove and delete his/her information, request that we seize further collection of your child’s information, or if you have any questions regarding the information practices and procedures, you may contact us at [email protected].

If you are between the age of 13 and 17 or under the legal age/age of majority where you reside, before using NationalProstaff.com kindly review the Agreement with your parent or guardian. Until you reach the legal age or age of majority where you reside, you confirm that you have full parental consent for your use of NationalProStaff.com and that you and your parent have carefully read and agreed to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. You confirm that your parent or guardian have full access at all times to your username, email address, and password. You also acknowledge that your parent or guardian may choose to make changes or terminate your account and access to NationalProStaff.com and that we may do so at their request for any reason without notice, responsibility and at any time. By using NationalProStaff.com you confirm that you are at least 13 years of age and meet all requirements to use this website. If you are under the age of 13 or do not meet all requirements of eligibility, immediately stop use of NationalProStaff.com and do not submit any personal information about yourself. If we discover you are under the age of 13 and do not have verified parental/guardian consent we will immediately delete any personal or other information provided by you to us.

Laws Surrounding NationalProstaff.com: NationalProStaff.com was established in Canada which means that you are accessing a networking site that is governed by the laws of Canada. NationalProStaff.com is in no way governed by the laws of other nations. Please be aware that any personal information you provide to us as a result of your membership or use of NationalProStaff.com will be collected in Canada and/or transferred, to Canada. By using NationalProStaff.com and/or providing us with your personal information or other information you (a) consent to transfer, processing and/or storage of any personal information and other information you provide; (b) understand and agree to Canadian Standards and Laws; (c) understand that your information will be collected, transferred to, dealt with or stored in accordance with our Privacy Policy and current legislation. By using the website you are agreeing to waive any claims that may arise as a result of laws originating in other countries or jurisdictions.

Registration with NationalProStaff.com: In order to ensure your privacy and security, we suggest that you log out of NationalProStaff.com after visiting our website every time. This is especially important if you are using any computer or mobile device that others may have access to. By registering with NationalProStaff.com, you are aware and give consent to us to track your movement and activities on NationalProSatff.com. By registering for an account on NationalProstaff.com, you are also in agreement of our Privacy Policy and our Terms of Use Agreement. Any information you offer to NationalProStaff.com is governed by these Agreements.

Information Regarding the Gathering, Use, and Disclosure of Information: We collect both personal information and other information about visitors and registered members of NationalProSatff.com. Personal information is any information that can identify or get in contact with someone such as, but not limited to, an email address, full name, date of birth, address, phone number, photos, videos, blogs, reviews, applications, comments, updates, personal websites (URL’S), reports, and other information contributed. Other information is any information that is not personal information that is gathered by NationalProStaff.com. This includes, but is not limited to, user navigation, statistics, page views, length of visit, browser used, operating system used, and search engine used. IP Address is the number your device is assigned to that our server uses to send your device information. Every time you visit NationalProStaff.com we collect information that you provide by either using our website, using services, posting content, exchanging data and registering on NationalProStaff.com. We also collect information when you register as an Amateur Pro, apply for sponsorship opportunities, or pursue any transactions within the website. In the future, we may decide to offer more features or services on our website which may require you to register or offer additional personal information. Examples of this include credit card information. In the future, we may charge additional fees to you to use or take part in any other services on NationaProSatff.com. You may opt out of supplying this information or paying these fees but by doing this you are aware that you may not have access to certain existing or new services on NationalProstaff.com. You may find that there are situations when we receive your personal information from a third party in order to support analytics and content sharing capabilities. For example, you may have provided personally identifiable information to a third party site to register to that site and this information may have then been shared with NationalProStaff.com. In such a case, your personal information falls under the policies of this our Privacy Policy. We gather your IP address when you visit and request pages from NationalProStaff.com.

How We Use Your Information: It is possible that we could use information we gather from you to help enhance and provide more services for all users of NationalProStaff.com. This information is used to create better products and services by not only National ProStaff, but also by the companies that subscribe to our services. We expect that this information will be used ethically and will only be used to help enhance products and services for you. We could use your personal information, such as your email address, to send you newsletters, website updates, notify you when someone has interacted with you in some way such as but not limited to a comment on a video or report or direct message. We may use your other information and disclose this to other third parties and sites. An example of this would be to create custom applications, tailor advertising, offer statistics, and share content to other websites. We may also use this information internally for strategic planning as well as to enforce the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use Agreement. We may at any time contact you regarding any issues we encounter or if we have any questions relating to your usage of NationalProStaff.com. We may also contact you if there are any changes to the Privacy Policy and the Terms of Use Agreement. It is possible that we will contact you with notifications of any new products or services we make available. You have the option opt out of these notifications. Your information from not only your sponsorship application but your member profile will be used to connect you with companies. Your other information is also used to match you to Pro Staff or Amateur Pros that may relate to you. You will have the opportunity to exchange information with other members, Companies, Pro Staff or Amateur Pros you have connected with. NationalProStaff.com is not responsible for the damages that may result from such exchanges of information.

Disclosure of Information: Companies and sponsors you interact with may have access to your profile information, application and registration information, as well as personal Information you provided on NationalProstaff.com. National Prostaff may hire and employ third party service providers to undertake tasks for the purpose of administration and maintain parts of NationaPoStaff.com. These service providers may also work on features, functions,operations; analyze data collected, marketing initiatives, communications, and customer service. In order for these service providers to operate they may require access to your personal information, in which case they would be required to abide by this Privacy Policy. We are committed to not sharing your personal information with any unaffiliated third parties for the purposes of direct marketing initiatives unless we have agreement from you that we are permitted to do so. If you are in agreement to receive notifications of any kind of communications from an unaffiliated third party, your information shared is subject to that third party’s Privacy Policy. This means if you decide to later terminate your association or wish to remove or stop the use of your personal information, you are required to contact that third party directly not NationalProStaff.com.

It is possible that we may share your information with unaffiliated third parties in the following limited situations;

  • When we are legally required to do so or requested to do so by law enforcement or government authorities
  • If we have reason to believe you are in any violation of any laws, regulations, or our Terms of Use Agreement and/or Privacy Policy.
  • If we feel you are a threat to our services, service providers, features, functionality, rights, property, other unaffiliated parties, members, Pro Staff, Amateur Pros, clients, employees, or the and safety of National ProStaff.
  • If we believe it is necessary to protect our business, its assets, defend our interests, exercise our legal rights, and/or to comply with legal and regulatory obligations.
  • In the possible event of bankruptcy, merger, acquisition, joint venture, consolidation, transfer of control, fundamental corporate change(s) or any other possible business combination involving National ProStaff.

Privacy Settings: NationalProStaff.com allows you to manage your profile and limit the information that appears on your profile as well as allowing you to control the amount of information you receive from us. You have the ability to remove and delete any comments on your content. We also reserve the right if we feel it’s necessary to remove posts, comments, or content that originates from you

Information You Make Available to the Public, Posts and Profile: Any information that you publically disclose, display, post or share from your profile applies to this Privacy Policy. You must be aware that any such information is available for view by any of the registered members, companies, or any other member of the general public who may visit the website. Therefore, we urge that you exercise caution before sharing or disclosing any information as we cannot control how any individual may view or use this information. National ProStaff is not responsible for any misuse or mistreatment of information you disclose, contribute, or receive through the website. More information regarding posts and restrictions can be found in the Terms of Use Agreement. We have the right to disable, limit or restrict your posting capabilities if we feel under our discretion this action(s) are necessary. Your profile and any sponsorship applications submitted display personal information such as your username, display name, profile picture, personal URL, activities, and your networks and relationships to other users and the public and could be used by anyone including third party websites and search engines.

Use of Cookies: Cookies are designed to increase the "made for you” experience of NationalProStaff.com in order to make the user experience more enjoyable. These cookies are little data files that are inserted in your device(s) when you access any community site. These cookies can be used for multiple purposes which include, but are not limited to, tracking usage of services or features, allowing personalization of features and your experiences, measuring clicks and visits, determining how you use our site and when, limiting repetitive data input, making navigation easier, verifying certain information, identifying your web browser, and for screening processes. Cookies are not used to identify age or ensure parental consent is granted, and therefore we cannot guarantee the age of visitors. As soon as you logout and/or close your internet browser, these cookies expire and are no longer effective. You can set your internet browser or antivirus to reject cookies if you wish to do so and would like to disallow them. Please be aware that by disallowing the use of cookies, certain aspects, features and pages may not function as intended and/or may hinder your user experience.

Teams, ProStaff, Services, Advertising and Content Providers: When you visit company profiles and their team of ProStaff profiles, these companies or individuals may offer and post various forms of advertisements. These third parties will be offered tracking technologies by National ProStaff to determine the effectiveness of their advertising efforts and their presence on the website. They will use this information to better tailor their advertising initiatives and to attempt to enhance your through both their corporate team page and ProStaff profile pages as well as the combined information they share on our website. These tracking technologies will allow them to count views of their content and the approximate physical location of individuals that view their content. We do not have access or control over their tracking capabilities, and in no way have access to the information they have collected using these technologies. These tracking technologies and information collected are therefore subject to these third parties’ privacy policies. We highly recommend that if you have any questions surrounding their privacy policies that you contact these individuals and third party companies directly.

Social Networking Sites: You have the ability to access and/or interact with the features and services of NationalProStaff.com from various social networking sites such as, but not limited to, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Under these circumstances, your information could be shared with these Social Networking Sites and they may also share and transfer data to us. If you would like to educate yourself about the Social Networking Sites, and the “share this” functionality NationalProStaff.com utilizes and interacts with, we suggest you visit these sites directly and review their Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy on a regular basis. Since we have no control over the Social Networking Sites we connect with, if you choose to share your information with these Social Networking Sites, your information will be treated and governed by their Policies. Any information we gather from interaction and data sharing with these sites will be governed by this Privacy Policy. Please be aware that the Social Networking sites we connect with may choose to utilize cookies or other similar types of files. These Social Networking Sites may have different rules than NationalProStaff.com. These Social Networking Sites may provide us with information from your accounts with them that we can use to enhance your experience on NationalProStaff.com. This information will create a more personalized experience for you which is better tailored to you. You also have the ability to share your experience on NationalProStaff.com on sites such as Facebook. You have the ability to control and limit the amount of information that is transmitted to these sites and your friends by adjusting your personal settings on the sites you share on. Please ensure your personal settings with these sites are adjusted to your liking.

Sponsorships and Contests: If you choose to apply to any company for a sponsorship opportunity or participate in any contest, your information may be required to be disclosed in the form of a list of winners by Law. We may at any time introduce and offer contest and sponsorship opportunities. This may require that you disclose personal information in order to participate. If it is disclosed on the contest or promotions page in the rules, third parties may gather information you submit to participate/register for the promotion. In such a case, we have no control over the third party and how they chose to use that information and that third party would not be subject to this Privacy Policy.

Links/Other Resources on NationalProStaff.com: The website may contain links to other websites, services, or resources, and therefore you agree that your use of such links is solely at your own risk and that any concerns regarding such services or resources should be directed to the particular outside service or resource provider.

NationalProStaff.com Security: National ProStaff strives to maintain reasonable standards of security and confidentiality of information. This is achieved through the use of firewall protection and the information access limitations our employees are subject to. Only fully authorized individuals have access to certain information. If we believe or find any individual is in violation of our standards and security, this individual will be subject to disciplinary measures at our discretion. It is our request that any of our affiliated third parties follow the same policy. No data transmitted over the internet is 100% secure and for any internet site, there exists a real possibility that third parties could unlawfully intercept and or gain access to data transmissions and private communications. For this reason, we cannot warrant or guarantee any security of the information we receive and are not responsible for any theft, destruction, misuse, or inadvertent disclosure of any information.

Information Accuracy and Confidentiality: Any member or any kind of user of NationalProStaff.com is responsible for providing accurate, complete, real, and current information when prompted to do so. We are not responsible in any way for any issues or liabilities that may become present if you happen to provide any kind of false or inaccurate information or fail to update your information. We reserve the right to delete or reject any registration or member profile if we are in any way under suspicion that your information is false, inaccurate or not in accordance with our Terms of Use Agreement or our Privacy Policy. Keep in mind that when you provide information we ask you to provide it in no way guarantees that we will allow you to have full access to or any access for that matter to any or all of the services and functionality of NationalProStaff.com. You are permitted to at any time review and update your personal information that NationalProStaff.com has gathered from you. You are further permitted to fix or update any information that you feel was provided to us inaccurately. Unfortunately this only applies to information that is not used to identify your eligibility. Your date of birth and age are in no way allowed to be deleted or changed as they are used to identify your membership and user eligibility. Also, any information submitted in the sponsorship application process is final and we do not have the ability to change or delete any submitted information once this information is submitted for company review unless you are younger than 13 years old. You also have the ability to contact us directly at [email protected] for any changes but please expect to provide full verification of your identity. It is your full responsibility for the confidentiality and maintenance of your account access / user identification (email and password) for NationalProStaff.com and for any expenses, losses, damages, costs, liabilities and charges that may occur as result of your inability/failure to do so. It is your sole responsibility for the conduct and activity under your account on NationalProStaff.com or any other activity by anyone else you may uses your User Identification, unless you have notified us in advance that your User Identification has be stolen, or compromised. You have the ability at any time to delete your account. If you chose to delete your account or we have terminated your account on NationalProSatff.com, your profile information available to the public will be removed from our site. However we retain the right to keep or remove your information from our database under the guidelines of this Privacy Policy.

Contact Information: If you would like to further discuss this Privacy Policy or have any concerns regarding its content and how we gather, maintain, or share your information, please feel free to contact us at [email protected].


This Privacy Policy was last modified on January 1, 2017.