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Great Lakes Finesse
2021-12-03 13:07:04

Join the Great Lakes Finesse Fishing Team!

Most brands focus on catching anglers with fancy bait shapes and pretty eye pleasing patterns. We're different, here at Great Lakes Finesse we focus on the details that matter for catching fish. Matte finish patterns, underwater bait movement, finesse sizes, and adding scuff patterns to every bait. These small but extremely important details separate great baits from average, and the top pros have been modifying their baits for years to achieve this level of bait performance. Great Lakes finesse now offers these secrets right out of the package so you can catch fish that others can't. We're building our first ProStaff team and the focus for 2022 will be to create and share photos and video content online to educate anglers why we're different. We just released a few products now but our full lineup will be released this spring across North America. If you’d like to join our ProStaff team for 2022, we encourage you to apply today. We also understand that we don't make everything you use to catch fish and therefore we DO NOT require our ProStaff to be exclusive. You can work with other brands you love while you work with us as well. Learn more about our company at GreatLakesFinesse.com *Anglers selected will be part of our team and will also have access to sponsorship benefits for all 3 current Orderbaits.com house brands if they want.
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