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Larry Mellors
2012-11-28 11:22:09

Lines for Ice Fishing

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Not all fishing lines are created equal. Manufacturers have spent considerable time and money on research and development in creating specialty fishing lines. None as special as the fishing lines created for ice fishing applications. Line characteristics can dramatically change once air and water temperatures reach 0 degrees C or lower and remain there. Most lines are manufactured for cool to warm to hot weather conditions “ not hard water. This means the line you should put on your ice fishing reel is different than what you would use throughout the balance of the year. Ice fishing line is intended to remain soft and supple in cold weather. For many of us, time on the water, or in this case, the ice, is precious. Nothing can be more disappointing then losing a fish. It is embarrassing when the reason is a broken line caused by age or wear, which is preventable. The line has probably not been changed since your last fishing trip on the ice over six months ago. When fishing through the ice, you have another element which can cause line failure “ the rough surface of drilled ice. Also, it usually takes longer to pull a fish, especially a larger fish through the ice. This adds another level of strain on the line as well as the rod and reel. Every year, before heading out for the first ice fishing excursion, change the line on your reel(s). If you purchase bulk spools you will save time and money. It is extremely important to store your lines away from sunlight and moisture. Monofilament lines are still the most popular for ice fishing. Berkley's Trilene Micro Ice and Trilene Cold Weather, as well as Stren Ice, are good choices. For greater abrasion resistance and near visibility underwater, try Berkley 100% Fluorocarbon Ice. Newer Superlines such as Berkley's FireLine Micro Ice Fused Original and FireLine Micro Ice Fused Crystal can be twice as strong as monofilament and have a thinner diameter. They have virtually no stretch with outstanding sensitivity and are mostly used for jigging in deep water. Berkeley has developed several monofilament lines for ice fishing applications. Clay Norris, Berkley Senior Brand Product Manager, gave this breakdown on Berkley cold weather lines: Monofilament Line Trilene Micro Ice This is a low-stretch mono for increased sensitivity and more solid hook-ups. Best mono choice for use in ice shelters. The preferred mono choice of the serious ice fishing angler. Three colors available: Clear steel “ low-vis underwater with good contrast against ice and snow Red “ High angler visibility Solar (new) - Great visibility, and some anglers believe the chartreuse color actually may attract some panfish to the fishing area. Trilene Cold Weather Cold Weather has been formulated to stay ultra-flexible even in the coldest weather conditions. This is the best mono choice for open ice fishing, with no shelters. This line does have a bit more stretch than micro ice, but the low memory design enables good handling and low tangles and coils. Two colors available: Electric Blue “ Bright blue color easy to see over ice and snow. Florescent Clear/Blue (new) “ Glows blue in sunlight to see over ice and snow, lower vis underwater as sunlight is filtered away. Fluorocarbon Line Trilene 100% Fluorocarbon Ice Field testers have remarked that this is quite possibly the best fluorocarbon yet developed for ice fishing. Has remarkable handling and low memory for such a strong, thin, sensitive fluorocarbon. This is a special formula of Trilene 100% Fluorocarbon “ different than the warm-weather version. This version has thinner diameter and lower stretch. The thinner diameter provides greater lure control. The lower stretch means greater sensitivity and solid hook sets. Of course, since it is 100% fluorocarbon, it is the ultimate in invisibility for finicky, pressured fish. Braided Superline FireLine Micro Ice and FireLine Crystal Micro Ice In many cases, nothing works better than FireLine through the ice! FireLine has virtually no stretch for incredible sensitivity. 100% Dyneema® fibers are braided and fused to create an ice line with break strength off the charts -- so that if the big surprise fish hits, you can land it with confidence. Crystal goes down to size 1, 2 & 3 for ultra-thin diameter presentations. Uni-Filament NanoFil (new) NanoFil is outstanding as an ice fishing line. Since it is not a braid, it does not pick up water like braids, resulting in low amounts of ice build-up. Any ice that collects on the line is easily knocked off. It is the thinnest diameter Berkley line “ which results in the lowest visibility of any non-stretch line “ in the 1, 2, and 3 lb. sizes “ even less visible underwater than FireLine Crystal. Ultra-thin diameter and zero stretch give you unsurpassed sensitivity and lure control “ especially effective with tiny baits. Made with 100% Dyneema® fibers, yet not braided, there is no ice line available with such great strength at such tiny diameters. It is certainly time to be thinking what your choice of line will be for the coming ice fishing season.
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Nov 29, 2012 29/11/12
Mike Bowler
Well defined, thanks.
Nov 28, 2012 28/11/12
Matthew Saieva
Great Report, Thank you for the Information!
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