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Berkley School Of Walleye
Jan. 30, 2013 by Sheldon Hatch
2013 Toronto Sportsmen's Show
Are you looking to
learn more about walleye
If your
answer is a resounding
“Yes!” then you need
to attend The Berkley
Navionics - Toronto Boat Show
Jan. 17, 2013 by Sheldon Hatch
Visit Navionics booth at
the Toronto
International Boat Show.
Drop by the booth and
check out all the great
features for 2013....
Uni Knot - A favourite knot
Oct. 12, 2012 by Sheldon Hatch
Here is a quick little
video from Berkley that
shows how to tie a Uni
to Uni or AKA Double Uni
Knot. I use this knot
all the time out in the
boat to a...

Slow Death Tidbit

walleye waters ON
Feb. 29, 2012
A new product is out for this season that is going to be great for walleye and slow death hooks. Check out the new Berkley 2" Pinched Crawlers which come in small jars and the great half packs that you can easily store or place in your pocket. I got to test these last season and they are the ticket for slow death! The action on a slow death hook is amazing with these floating crawler tidbits and no more wasting half your bait.

Berkley 2" Floating Pinched Crawler - www.berkley-fishing.com
On Feb. 29, 2012
Shane Turcotte Wrote:

Hey Sheldon

Got my shipment the other day. I really like the 3 inch minnow fry
but interested to see how these work.
On Feb. 29, 2012
Sheldon Hatch Wrote:

Shane - My favourite slow-death bait the past few years has been the
Gulp 3" Fry in pumpkinseed, very soft and easy to pinch off to get
just the right size of rotation for those finicky walleye.
On Feb. 29, 2012
David W. Reid Wrote:

Thanks for the heads up, going to have to pick some up.
On Feb. 29, 2012
Craig Lister Wrote:

Great looking bait !! I will have to try them out.
On Mar. 1, 2012
Greg Klatt Wrote:

Nice color and looking bait Sheldon. Question I have is how much did
my good friend Mr. Hockley pay you for the post? lol! Just kidding
buddy and keep up the great work! ... G.
On Mar. 1, 2012
Leavon Peleikis Wrote:

Look deadly, when are they out?
On Mar. 3, 2012
Denis Martin Wrote:

Happy to know that they work good, I got my shipment two months ago,
I will be testing these at the Brimley Can/Am for sure.
Trout bummin
Feb. 29, 2012| By Tom Waldock
Call me a trout bum down at the creek ;) but I've been lighting it up the last few days on the Ontario tribs. Feels good to get into some open water and feel those classic bow headshakes on the fly rod and floating gear. Stoked. Thanks for scoping the pictures. ALL fish were released healthy ba...

Feb. 29, 2012 | NEAR THE FALL'S, ON| By Big Jim McLaughlin
Just about caught up here and starting to pack again...hey wait a minute, I just unpacked from the Ottawa Show...and never got to unpack from the Spring Fishing and Boat Show the week before...now I AM packing for the Niagara Outdoor Sports and Boat Show this Fri-Sun in the Falls...that's Niagara F...

Only The Shadow Knows
Feb. 29, 2012 | All Bodies Of Water, AL| By Kasey Fedoriw
To conceal themselves in cover, bass typically hang in the shadows, looking out into the light. Forage moving about in sunlit areas have difficulty seeing the predator in the shade, but the reverse is not true. The bass will position itself to take full advantage of this vision superiority. I was ...

NOT Cool!
Feb. 29, 2012| By Michael Baggett
My partner sends this pic to me... while I'm at work! I hate it when he does that.

Anglers Inn at El Salto, Mexico
Feb. 29, 2012| By Michael Baggett
There is a video posted too.

My first trip for large Pike
Feb. 29, 2012| By Michael Baggett
Lake Clark AK. I had 4 fish that day between 45" and 50". Probably not epic, but enough to develop an addiction. Now this southern boy understands. My partner was terrible with the camera and the boat owner did not want us touching the fish. I am wildly conservative so that was cool. But I should h...

American Shad
Feb. 29, 2012| By Michael Baggett
July, American River, Northern California. I wish these shad got this big in the lakes they would make some awesome BIG BASS food.

14 and 16 lb. Yellow Eye
Feb. 29, 2012| By Michael Baggett
I take catch and release very seriously, but this fish was delicious!!! We are cruising around in Sea Otter Sound, AK and I saw this pinnacle come up from 400' to 200' ft. I drop down and wham! Up comes a beautiful 16 lb Yellow Eye. I back the boat down for another drop, when my partner aks, "What ...

My Boat
Feb. 29, 2012| By Carl Liscumb
2007 Princecrat 164ss - 75hp Mercury

Fall Trout in the Mountains
Feb. 29, 2012| By Michael Baggett
Oh man, this is so peaceful and so fun.


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