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Apr. 23, 2016 by SCOTT POWELL
ah mother nature up to
her old tricks
again. back into single
digits temp wise
today. its interesting
cause usually the bass
come in after the
Apr. 17, 2016 by SCOTT POWELL
with the action still
slow during the day I
thought I give the dark
a few hrs. got a few
crappie but nothing
insane yet. ya usually
see the bounce b...
Apr. 15, 2016 by SCOTT POWELL
managed a few this morn
but nothing special. no
where near spawning
colours yet. suns out
and weeds will start to
grow and waters will
warm. only g...


Mar. 5, 2012
drove by a trib last night and it was high and dirty. thought with last nights cold it would be prime today. boy was i wrong. water dropped like 3ft and was almost clear. but only had few hrs and was there so had to try.
loads and loads of slush comin down this morn. peelin ice off your line every second drift. but was worth it. got a few dark males and a moose fresh one(approx 17lb)
he was only in about a foot a water but kept comin in and out from under some shelf ice. first drift along the ice edge and float was gone.
roe was on menu today .had to run big float with heavy shot to get bait threw slush.
now home to thaw lol
On Mar. 5, 2012
David W. Reid Wrote:

Nice fish Scott
On Mar. 5, 2012
Denis Martin Wrote:

Nice catch!
On Mar. 5, 2012
Ian Riemenschneider Wrote:

Good stuff Scott
On Mar. 5, 2012
Corey Myers Wrote:

great pics Scott!
On Mar. 5, 2012
Dan Miguel Wrote:

right on!!
On Mar. 5, 2012
Matthew Branton Wrote:

way to go scott nice males
On Mar. 5, 2012

tx guys
On Mar. 5, 2012
Shane Turcotte Wrote:

Nice Work Scott, love the pic! Love those streamside rods!
On Mar. 5, 2012
Luke Grylls Wrote:

Excellent performance as expected dude. -14 this morning when I got in
the truck, can only imagine the conditions.
On Mar. 5, 2012
Buck Tytler Wrote:

It was real cold and dirty on sunday too,the poor IMX was froze all
day, same as you all roe. 3 of us probably 60 fish and all big males
and females. I'll post ya some pics later
On Mar. 5, 2012
Kasey Fedoriw Wrote:

Nice bow, Scott.
Light bite
Mar. 4, 2012 | lake o trib, ON|By Matthew Branton
Today I was joined by a couple nps amateurs out on a local trib and wow did we have fun. The bite started off a little slow as the water was in a transition from the high water conditions yesterday, so we had to locate the fish and where they were sitting in the pools. When we did find them we noti...

Lunkerhunt Micro Swim and the Darter Minnow
Mar. 4, 2012 | Lake Simcoe, ON|By Nuno Antunes
Well, it's official. I fished in the worst weather I've ever experinced on the ice. My partner Brad hudson and I went out to the fundraiser for MS "Perchin for MS". What a great event it was, their second annual. Last year they had 78 teams; this year 200 and they had to actually cut it off and...

Shimano Reel Maintenace-Part ll
Mar. 4, 2012|By Derek Strub
This is part ll of a series of videos on how to clean and maintain your shimano reel. I will try and post a new video each day until the series is complete. Derek

Salon de Plein-Air de l'Outaouais (Outdoors Show)
Mar. 4, 2012 | Promenades de l'Outaouais Mall in Gatineau, PQ|By Pierre LaFrance
Greetings, Just a reminder that today (March 4th) is the last the day of the Salon de Plein-Air de l'Outaouais at the Promenades de l'Outaouais Mall in Gatineau Québec, which is roughly a 10 minute drive from Downtown Ottawa. It is important to note that there is no admission fee and that the park...

Salon Plein Air de l'Outaouais
Mar. 4, 2012 | Promenades de l'Outaouais-Gatineau, PQ|By Pierre LaFrance
Bonjour, Juste un rappel qu'aujourd'hui (le 4 mars) est la dernière journée du Salon Plein Air de l'Outaouais. Voici le lien pour plus d'infos: http://salongatineau.ca/salon-pleinair-fr.html Il est important à noter qu'il n'y a aucun frais d'admission et que le stationnement est gratuit. Si...

Mar. 4, 2012 | NEAR THE FALL'S, ON|By Big Jim McLaughlin
Headed over to the Niagara Show...hope to see you here...then it's 500k's and my own bed!!! WooHoo!!!! Thanks to Niagara Falls, everyone I met or had dealings with while here was a pleasure to be around and I will always remember it as the town where I ALMOST GOT BLOWN AWAY!!!!! C U next year BIG ...

Spring Show 2012
Mar. 4, 2012|By Ben McWhinney
Various pictures from the annual Spring Fishing & Boat Show held in Mississauga Ont.

Streamside Predator Series Promotion
Mar. 3, 2012|By Shane Turcotte
Streamside has partnered with Huntsville Marine for the upcoming Toronto Sportsmen Show. For every Crestliner boat purchased from Huntsville Marine at the Toronto Sportsmen Show, Streamside will outfit the new owner with 2 Streamside rods from the freshwater series call the "Predator". These rods...

Tournament Preparation Tips - Part 4
Mar. 3, 2012 | Any body of water, ON|By Shane Turcotte
This will be the final part of the series but I really enjoyed putting some time into sharing this information. Based on the last part we discussed the prefishing aspect with regards to having a successful plan or a plan that requires immediate attention. If your plan has been executed with succe...

niagara falls show
Mar. 3, 2012 | , ON|By Joe Figueira
Will be at the Niagara falls fishing and boat show this Sunday. Came by the Fish Ontario booth say Hi and check the Simax rods and Ultra tungsten products


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