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diet time lol
Sep. 27, 2015 by SCOTT POWELL
got out last weekend had
a great time small mouth
fishin. smallie fishin
is kinda new to me but
with good friends and
research and some nps
reads ya ...
Sep. 13, 2015 by SCOTT POWELL
fishing is usually known
as a gentleman/woman
sport. but when money
come involved it does
change people. I wont
mention names at the
moment but just...
Aug. 3, 2015 by SCOTT POWELL
we all get stuck in our
ways especially the
older we get. for me
and bass its always been
a spinnin setup and the
senko. I have two bait
cast rods a...


Mar. 5, 2012
drove by a trib last night and it was high and dirty. thought with last nights cold it would be prime today. boy was i wrong. water dropped like 3ft and was almost clear. but only had few hrs and was there so had to try.
loads and loads of slush comin down this morn. peelin ice off your line every second drift. but was worth it. got a few dark males and a moose fresh one(approx 17lb)
he was only in about a foot a water but kept comin in and out from under some shelf ice. first drift along the ice edge and float was gone.
roe was on menu today .had to run big float with heavy shot to get bait threw slush.
now home to thaw lol
On Mar. 5, 2012
David W. Reid Wrote:

Nice fish Scott
On Mar. 5, 2012
Denis Martin Wrote:

Nice catch!
On Mar. 5, 2012
Ian Riemenschneider Wrote:

Good stuff Scott
On Mar. 5, 2012
Corey Myers Wrote:

great pics Scott!
On Mar. 5, 2012
Dan Miguel Wrote:

right on!!
On Mar. 5, 2012
Matthew Branton Wrote:

way to go scott nice males
On Mar. 5, 2012

tx guys
On Mar. 5, 2012
Shane Turcotte Wrote:

Nice Work Scott, love the pic! Love those streamside rods!
On Mar. 5, 2012
Luke Grylls Wrote:

Excellent performance as expected dude. -14 this morning when I got in
the truck, can only imagine the conditions.
On Mar. 5, 2012
Buck Tytler Wrote:

It was real cold and dirty on sunday too,the poor IMX was froze all
day, same as you all roe. 3 of us probably 60 fish and all big males
and females. I'll post ya some pics later
On Mar. 5, 2012
Kasey Fedoriw Wrote:

Nice bow, Scott.
NPSers Are Everywhere!
Mar. 4, 2012 | , ON| By David Chong
Showed up at Sibbald Point Provincial Park hoping that the weatherman would be wrong as he usually is but alas no! The winds were horrific to say the least, by far the harshest conditions that I have ever ice-fished under! With winds gusts approaching 100kpm we battled through it and managed to cat...

Alabama-rig, Umbrella-rig, Tomato, Tomauto
Mar. 4, 2012 | Any Body of Water in Ontario, ON| By Ben McWhinney
I always make it a point to meet up with Bernard Yong-Set, founder of String-Ease, whenever there's a show in town. This year was no different. I met with Bernard during the Mississauga Spring Fishing & Boat Show and we discussed how the umbrella rig is being heavily utilized on the Bass tourname...

Mar. 4, 2012| By Corey Myers
I put together a collection of some pictures and videos I had from this past season, thought id share, enjoy.

Baited breath......
Mar. 4, 2012 | , ON| By John Burkhardt
Well, I've seen my share of new lures 'been sellin' fishin tackle for a quarter century now, and thought I was immune to gettin lure crazy, but I've got to tell you about this plastic craw I got to see recently. I met with Patrick from japan lure at the store on Friday, ordered a bunch of the ...

The Perfect Jig is My "Perfect Jig"
Mar. 4, 2012 | , ON| By Tomas Giannini
I wanted to tell you guys about some great new jigs on the market right now. They are called the Perfect Jig. The Perfect Jig is a high-quality jig-making company. In their line-up, they include mop jigs, swim jigs, mini jigs, arky jigs and stand-up jigs. All of these jigs come in a variety of size...

pike fishing
Mar. 4, 2012| By chris waldock
last summer pike fishing with the hooked young team

Buck,Pete and the old man
Mar. 4, 2012| By William C Selby
Well here we go after the wind storm,, we are in and slow to start,,, but finished the day off with a bang,,,,Buck have to say was on his game did well for coming in with no eggs,,, yes Pete and I were kind enough to share our eggs with Buck so here are some shots of the day ,,,,,,,,,,,...

Mar. 4, 2012| By Buck Tytler
ABT Lure Company JUST GOT MORE IN STOCK AS THE DEMAND IS "HUGE" Order some now while you can get'em as they have been sold out for the last month. They can't make them fast enough. Coolest thing for Canada is with centre swimbait it can appear as 5 but only 4 have hooks to keep it legal in Ont...

G. Loomis GL2 Rods
Mar. 4, 2012 | , PQ| By Jacques Sauve
Hello everyone, I wanted to share a good short read by David Hunter Jones on the new G. Loomis "GL2" rods. I personally have tried these rods and let me tell you for the price, these G. Loomis rods are a sure bet! What is it? G.Loomis’s award winning GL2 rod lineup (they won the Best Freshwa...


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