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Mitchell's Bay Open Tournament
Jul. 21, 2016 by Derek Strub
Lake St Clair
Date: July 8,9 Lake:
Lake St
Clair Event:
Mitchell's Bay
Open Partner: Marcel
Lambercy Water
Temp: 74-77 Species:
Smallmouth Bas...
HEAD GAMES - Part Two -Attitude Key To Overcoming Hurdles
Jul. 14, 2016 by Derek Strub
Part two of Jonathan
Lepera's article on how
the biggest touring bass
pro's deal with the
mental side of fishing.
This time its the
best of all ti...
Johnson Outdoors wins big at ICAST - HELIX and ULTREX
Jul. 13, 2016 by Derek Strub
Big news for Humminbird
and Minn Kota fans.
Minn Kota's new
Ultrex wins "Best of
Show" at
ICAST Humminbirds
Helix 10 SI wins "Best


Dec. 5, 2011
Lake Ontario Tank!
On Dec. 5, 2011
Steve Agius Wrote:

That's a beauty Derek...nice going
Stick Marsh
Dec. 3, 2011 | Stick Marsh, FL|By Richard Greene
Took a trip into the Marsh yesterday to see if the Crappie were biting after the cold front went through this week. Score for the day was one Crappie, five Catfish , two Bass and a handful of Bluegills. The water temperatures had dropped to mid sixties and it was very windy. The good news is that, ...

Top Ten Bass Fishing Spots in Western Canada - #9
Dec. 3, 2011 | Quennell Lake, Vancouver Island, BC|By Jesse Martin
Quennell Lake isn\'t big but the fish sure are. A typical five-fish stringer out of this shallow, woody lake runs between 16 and 20 pounds, and days pushing 25 are possible especially in the early season. Quennell is a year-round fishery and is also home to big rainbow and cutthroat trout. For ...

Tackle Show Pics
Dec. 2, 2011|By Jesse Martin
This album has some pictures from past tackle shows out here in B.C. It's been awesome working the booth for Pure Fishing, but more than a little distraction having all these great products around.

Spooky Pike
Dec. 2, 2011|By michael quesnelle
Not all the topwater bites will be bronze backs.....oh well

And The Heart Starts Thumpin'
Dec. 2, 2011|By michael quesnelle
Blast off, heading out to Erie

Our Rights are being ignored
Dec. 2, 2011 | Rideau River, ON|By Paul Shibata
Hello all, I am asking for your support to petition Parks Canada as they plan to implement two more no wake zones on the Rideau River near Ottawa. Parks Canada have been pressured by the residents of the Rideau River and as such they want to effectively eliminate the boat traffic given the extreme...

Is this a spotted bass?
Dec. 2, 2011|By John MacDonald
Erie spot

Dec. 2, 2011 | Ontario Tribs, ON|By Tom Waldock
Most people who know the salmon spawn in the fall go after them in the Lake Ontario Tributaries and mouths like Oshawa Creek, Ganaraska river, Bowmanville creek etc. But Little known to many fisherman is that the rivers also fill up with brown trout and rainbow trout in the fall. Fishing can be on ...

The Musky Secret
Dec. 2, 2011 | Two lakes touching eachother, ON|By Tom Waldock
The fish of 10,000 casts? Giant bodies of water like Georgian Bay for example, hold world record muskies. There simply is no denying it. BUT, you've got to work your butt off to catch them/find them. Totally worth it but sometimes you need a break from giant hunting to just get some hook sets in. T...

Dec. 2, 2011|By Tom Waldock
fun with the green screen, hope it makes you laugh! follow me if you like or add me to facebook! Love meeting and networking with my fellow fisherman!


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