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ROGER'S drop's WFN no answer's so far

rogers drops wfn no answers so far
NOT REAL IMPRESSED THAT WFN was taken away and talking on the phone and live chat they tell me I don't have an account with them, ROGER'S bought Kincardine Cable TV so my money goes into their bank account so they need to listen to what we have to say, on a good noter they told me I wouldn't be charged for the channel any more lol, I'm sure it's the only one in that package that I wanted so yes I'm still paying for it and looking at changing the WIGHTMAN'S Cable and Internet, Talking to KCTV Manager tomorrow to see what hey have to say, also sent WFN a message to see what they were told or if they know what's up. LET's ALL SEND THEM MESSAGES TO RE ADD WFN, Someone mentioned BELL dropped them too anybody know why.
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