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Red Tail Surf Perch

red tail surf perchred tail surf perchred tail surf perchred tail surf perchred tail surf perch
One of our fun outings at this time of the year is to fish the beaches on the west side of vancouver island using ultra lite tackle with 6 pound test line. Florencia Bay in Pacific Rim Park is were we go when all other fishing is non productive. As always we check the weather and tides and all is in our favour. Mild temperatures, high tide around noon, no wind, and clear skies. What more can we ask. Unfortunately its the waves coming in from the pacific ocean were there must have been a storm . They were huge . Still a great day to get out.
Very difficult to fish but Randy was lucky. For me I was hit by a wave that knock me off my feet. First time for everything as I am always careful but this time I got distracted and took my eyes of the incoming waves. One photo shows the divit that is created when the wave draws back after passing you for 30-50 feetThis one shows at least 10 inches that moved under my feet.Normally we have a fun day catching allot of red tail but this outting was very limited.
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