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Streamside and FISHBUM giveaway
Sep. 21, 2013 by Richard Chamberland
We are teaming up with
the good people at
FISHBUM for another
giveaway! This prize
pack is loaded with
awesome fishing
gear. -A Fishbum
Streamside carp rod test
May. 19, 2013 by Richard Chamberland
I got a nice 27.14 lbs
carp today and the new
streamside carp rod do a
really nice job.
The first Canadian carp rod!
May. 8, 2013 by Richard Chamberland
During the last month I
have the chance to try
the first Canadian carp
rod. I'm talking about
the New Streamside carp
rod which will be
offered for sa...

Tandem Baits

Jul. 19, 2012
I present here some deadly bait for carp fishing. They also have the advantage not to require preparation, they are always ready, they can be kept easily and they catch fish.

Tandem Boilies:
Tandem Baits Impact Boilies Carp Bait are produced from specially selected, high quality natural ingredients and contain optimum levels of flavor, extracts and attractants that are sure to bring in monster carp. The special formula slowly releases scent and will bring in fish from long distances. These baits are also designed for use in a wide range of water temperatures, perfect for use anytime of the year. Come in 12mm or 16mm. Flavours: Straeberry, Pineaple and peach, Total scopex, Vanilla and cream, Banana cream.

Pop-up Boilies:
High buoyancy version of the Impact Boilies. Works great as a hook bait floating above a bed of ground bait. Come in 12mm or 16mm. Flavours: Straeberry, Pineaple and peach, Total scopex, Vanilla and cream, Banana cream.

Tandem pellets:
A dissolving carp pellet that quickly attracts fish. Its slow release formula provides long term attraction in the baited area. These pellets contain the optimum level of flavours, attractors and enhancers. They are released into the water and dissolve, creating a cloud of food particles in the swim. Impact Carp Pellet can be used as: a bottom bait, an addition to spod mixes, an addition to ground bait and method mixes, or added to PVA bags and mesh. Come in 12mm. Flavours: Straeberry, Pineaple and peach, Total scopex, Vanilla and cream, Banana cream.

Attract Dip:
Attract Dip is an absolute classic; this optimal mixture of Impact Flavours, liquid attractors, and natural sugars strongly stimulates fish feeding and ensures success. Thanks to the perfectly chosen ingredients, the dip is easilly absorbed by hook baits and gives a slow leak iff in water, creating an intensely attractive cloud. Attract Dip performs superbly in silty areas, among underwater vegetation, in rivers, and also in places with crayfish populations. Come in 12mm or 16mm. Flavours: Straeberry, Pineaple and peach, Total scopex, Vanilla and cream, Banana cream.

Premium Groundbait and feeder mix:
Highly attractive groundbait and feeder mix. PVA friendly oil based particules break down quickly to draw carp to the swim. Squeeze it onto your favorite feeder and hang on for some fast action. It can be mixed with other groundbaits or particules. Flavours: Hot hemp, Pure fish, Bird extreme, Natural corn, Strawberry scopex.

Gear Used:
Emery Trident Spinning Reel
Streamside Heritage Salmon Rods
Tandem Baits
On Jul. 19, 2012
Trent Brunelle Wrote:

Sounds like good stuff! I usually make my own boilies and groundbaits
because I can never find any in stores where I live. Know anywhere
that sells good carp gear in Southern Ontario?
Personal Best Smallmouth
Jul. 19, 2012 | Okanagan, BC| By Jesse Martin
I was fishing with a buddy a few weeks back when I spotted an absolute monster cruising off from a sunken piece of concrete. Thinking the fish might move back if we gave it some room we backed off and played the waiting game. I estimated it was a good 4-5 pounder, a solid smallmouth for anywhere ...

Patience and Giants are good buddies
Jul. 19, 2012 | Great Slave Lake, NT| By Tom Waldock
Out here, for giants, its all about easy to grab. Those big guys, which could be 50 years old, or older, have seen spoons and seen baits over and over; in the end, they are all about minimal energy expended with maximum benifit. I'm constantly throwing my trolling boat into neutral in over a hundre...

8.2lb Spotted Bass
Jul. 18, 2012| By Scott Boyer
In the video is Allen Borden owner of ABT Lure Company who catches a 8.2lb Spotted Bass on the Multi Rig.

New ABT Video
Jul. 18, 2012| By Scott Boyer
This is a new video by ABT Lure Company showing some of there products and I wanted to pass it along.

Nice Smallie
Jul. 18, 2012| By Charles Sim
A 5.4 from my Kingston Open practice.

New sponsor again!!!
Jul. 18, 2012| By Richard Chamberland
Another great partner has joined me today! As I often fish with my kayak the weight and the space used by my equipment must be properly exploited. So to stay hydrated during my kayaking I used the Vestpac products. There are very good and very well thought. There's even a fishing version. http:/...

More Salmon Fishing than Musky Fishing so far
Jul. 18, 2012 | , ON| By Brent Bochek
Hi everyone. As we approach the end of July, I have done a lot more Salmon Fishing this year than I have Musky Fishing. Anyone who knows me is probably a little shocked, but a busy schedule balancing family, sports and work has kept us from getting to our trailer in the Kawarthas as much as we wou...

Bass on lime lake
Jul. 18, 2012 | Lme lake, ON| By Cooper Gallant
Went out to lime lake for a week to go for some bass.. water was super warm and the bass were hanging out down deep. Nothing big was hitting durring the day and it was pretty slow so i set my alarm for the next mornin. I was pitchin jigs in the morning and started to hook into more fish! ...

Streamside Heritage Salmon Rods
Jul. 18, 2012| By Richard Chamberland
Je viens de recevoir les nouvelles cannes Streamside de la série Heritage Salmon et je peux vous dire que ce sont vraiment des cannes de très bonne qualité. Fabriqué en carbone High Modulus IM8 avec une poignée en liège portugais de qualité AAA. Ajouter a cela des anneaux Alox et une action ...

New sponsor
Jul. 18, 2012 | , PQ| By Richard Chamberland
I'm now Pro Staff of the carp division for Anglers International. I tell them a big thank you. Already using their products during all my carp fishing sessions, It's with huge pleasure that I join their team. For all your need in carp fishing equipment, hooks, bait and other equipment, feel fr...


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