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Annual Kids Derby

annual kids derbyannual kids derbyannual kids derby
On Saturday our CAST Ministries organization took about 25 kids in our area fishing for our 3rd annual "Kids Derby¬Ě. We kept track of the number of fish and the length of fish and presented each respected winner with a trophy. Each child was fed and given their own rod and reel, along with several other goodies. It was a blessing to spent some time with these kids and hopefully teach them a few things about fishing that they can use and enjoy for a lifetime. In closing the kids one of our area youth leads gave a short lesson and present them with a Bible and the gospel.

If any of you fish in a club or similar organization I would encourage you to get involved in this same type of outreach in your area. Your local social services really enjoy being able to help provide some contacts to make the time a real success.
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