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Prepping Your Livewell

prepping your livewellprepping your livewellprepping your livewell
NPS is a leader of bringing informative articles and anglers up to date on what is new, not only in products but also what is happening in the fishing industry. The new site now offers a place at the top of the homepage for Articles that the NPS Staff feel are important tips, news and articles to read.

Back on January 23/13 I did an article on "Livewell or Death Well" that was fortunate enough to make the top of the homepage. In the article I had menationed some products that could help improve your livewell to ensure for healthier release of your catch after a day of tournament fishing.

One of the products that was menationed was the V-T2 Ventilation System. Just a quick recap about this product. The product is a venting system that is easy to install yourself. It helps the heat to escape in the livewell, increases the circulation and cools your livewell with the boats movement. It also helps with oxygen levels and removeable of the metabolic gases that build up in the livewell over the day. The vent is designed to prevent water from spill out of it.

Today my V-T2 arrived in the mail. I can't wait to install them this spring. The package included two of the V-T2 vents, bolts with nylon nuts and the instructions are on the under side of the package. I will do a report showing how easy they are to install for everyone to see. During the season I will also do some updates during my reports on how they are working out for me.

After reading all the studies on how they work, all I can say is my tournament partners will be happy that the only time they will have to open the livewell up now is to add fish.
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