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chad hill Chad Hill

Manley Fishing Rods: Easy to Customize

manley fishing rods easy to customizemanley fishing rods easy to customize
Does this situation sound familiar? You have a fishing rod or set of rods that work really well for you. But, you say to yourself. "If I could customize these rods just a bit, they'd be perfect....if the handle was a little longer....if the handle was a little shorter....if I could add a little weight to adjust the balance point....if I could add a touch of color." Despite the desire to make some changes, you are hesitant to move forward with your ideas fearing that you will ruin one fishing rod, or worse yet, all of them.

Great news, Manley Fishing can solve those problems! Using a Manley Fishing Gold Series, Platinum Series, or Black Ops Series rod allows for easy customization of each rod for complete comfort and maximum performance. Anglers are limited only by their imagination.

The innovative MRF system that comes standard on Manley rods allows the rod handle to be adjusted in a few seconds. An angler can change the handle length to suit the exact situation that he or she is fishing at that very moment. When a fish strikes, the vibration of the bite reverberates all the way down the rod through the MRF extension greatly increasing rod sensitivity. Also, the standard MRF handle can be replaced by a weighted butt fighting handle extension. This weighted extension features a rounded end cap allowing anglers to comfortably battle fish with more leverage. The weight allows the balance point of the rod to be adjusted in precise increments, if necessary, to achieve complete comfort and improve accuracy of lure presentations.

The MRF system most definitely comes in a variety of colors allowing an individual to add his or her personal touch to a single rod or a fleet of fishing rods. Have you ever wanted to trim your fishing rod in a color to match your favorite brand of reels? Now, you can! Anglers can color code their rods using the MRF system to easily identify line size, reel speed, rod length, rod power rating, etc. Imagine reaching into the rod locker and identifying each rod and reel setup very quickly based on the color coding of the MRF system instead of fumbling through a conglomeration of rods wasting value time on the water, especially in a tournament situation where every second counts.

To see all of the details and learn more about customizing Manley Fishing rods, go to www.manleyfishing.com. Check out the Gold and Platinum Series rods at www.manleyrods.com. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. If I do not know the answer, I will find out for you.
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