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New E6X Steelhead Rods
Nov. 30, 2015 by Buck Tytler
Where were these a month
ago when I really needed
one? I had a great time
this fall chucking 3/4
oz glow spoons for
salmon off some local
piers. W#hat...
Spring Steelhead
Oct. 24, 2015 by Buck Tytler
fun day of early
steelhead with G.Loomis
rods . Shot with a
SHIMANO Sport Cam. First
year with the EGO S2
slider net and I gotta
say it makes this kin...
1st Annual Fishing 101 for Women Bass Tourney
Sep. 8, 2015 by Buck Tytler
What a great job Yvonne
Brown did on the 1st
annual tourney. It was
so much fun taking these
ladies out for a day on
Cameron Lake. It was
awesome to s...


Jan. 25, 2012
Ok so i am getting alot of people asking which Stradic to buy
The CI4 and FJ share many high quality features , such as :
Paladin gears, Fluid Drive , S concept , S-ARB bearings, Aero Wrap 2, Water proof drag, Propulsion Line Management and more
where the differences are ,is the FJ has X-SHIP and aluminum rotor and side plates, the CI4 has CARBON INTERFUSION rotor and side plates(more or less carbon fibre like F1 cars).
the Ci4 weighs in at 7 oz compared to 9.2 on the FJ . It is intended more for finesse techniques like drop shotting, shaky heads, etc
If you want a reel more for power techniques like skipping trees or thick weed lines then the FJ is the reel due to metal rotor and side plates and mainly X-SHIP
X-SHIP uses a large diameter drive gear and moving pinion gear closer to the center of the drive gear which provides 20% more power. It also supports the pinion with 2 ARB bearings to keep reel smooth under load
On Jan. 25, 2012
Charles Sim Wrote:

Awesome summary Buck!

I've been eyeing up the FJ as my new Jerkbait reel. For me,
Jerkbaiting is a power technique all the way!
On Jan. 25, 2012
Chris Monk Wrote:

Great fact based product summary! Thanks Buck!
On Jan. 25, 2012

so what ya sayin is the c14 aint a scugog reel lol fj soundin might
thanks for breakin it down bro
On Dec. 16, 2014
Paul Hall Wrote:

Fj it is for my spring pike jerk baits it is!
Jan. 24, 2012 | ONT, ON| By SCOTT POWELL
was just respoolin my floatreel for tomor's outing and thought i'd help out with a few tricks i learned over the yrs . now if your a side caster like i am you know the headaches of line twist. a friend of mine showed me this 2yrs ago and it has majorly cut down on the twist. normally ya just run...

Ice Fishing – Braid or Mono?
Jan. 24, 2012 | Any, ON| By Dan Miguel
I seem to get this question from people all the time especially new people coming into the sport. They always ask “why do I use braid on most of my reels and mono on only some for ice fishing? Since we’re in the ice fishing season I want to talk about using mono or braided lines for ice fish...

Jan. 24, 2012 | ONT, ON| By SCOTT POWELL
most of us are guilty of this . i know i am by a longshot. i dont even wanna stop to go the bathroom cause that will be one cast less i get in. i super bad when in touraments. eating and drinking. this is a small but very important factor many of us overlook. by far i am no doctor but bein a f...

Beautiful Trout
Jan. 23, 2012| By Bryan Low

BOQ Ice and fish report
Jan. 23, 2012 | Bay of Qunite, ON| By Bryan Low

A New Rig to Try this summer!
Jan. 23, 2012| By David Chong
This will be one of the rigs that I will be explaining in full detail at the up-coming BassTalk in Whitby! If you've never been to a BassTalk you should really check it out. Talk to someone whose been to one!...

Jan. 23, 2012 | TRIBS, ON| By SCOTT POWELL
with all the rain today i figured i would clean up the bag today cause with the rivers open once again the next few days should be ok. so cleanin it up i figured i would do a report for those just gettin into steel. this is all basic knowledge for the vetrans. first ill start with the bag. when...

A Day on Quinte
Jan. 23, 2012 | Bay of Quinte, ON| By Nigel Touhey
I'd been looking forward to this trip since we planned it a week or so ago. Charles was going to meet me in Nappanee Saturday night and we were going to get on the ice early Sunday morning. We met up with Pete and Fabian at about 8am or so after making a trip to the tackle shop to pick minnows. We ...

Alabama Rig Smashed in the CSFL Tank!!
Jan. 23, 2012| By Dan Miguel
Ok I know the A-Rig was been hyped up hard but now I'm so convinced. Here is some footage of the A-Rig being pulled through the water at the Boat Show by David Chong. Watch how these fish react!


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