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Why Sponsorship?

Getting sponsored used to be reserved for only the highest level professional anglers and hunters.

Not anymore. NPS makes it possible for all anglers and hunters that target any species - from casual weekend warriors to serious tournament pros - to be rewarded for representing the brands they use and love. Outdoor brands are recruiting larger and more diverse prostaff teams than ever before to help spread the word about their products. Thanks to social media, all anglers and hunters have an audience to share information and content with. If you love the outdoors, are proud of the products you use, and want to gain exposure in the industry then sponsorship is for you.

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Why Use NPS?

Using NPS is a faster and easier way to get sponsored. Prostaff managers receive thousands of emails every month requesting sponsorship and most of these emails are never even opened. Attending trade shows is expensive and time consuming, requiring expensive travel, parking, and admission costs. Most of the time the person you connect with in the brand’s booth at a show isn’t the prostaff manager, and the message is rarely passed on to the right person. NPS connects you directly to brand marketing managers who are actively recruiting prostaff, and guarantees a response from each brand. Brands use NPS to recruit because they know you are committed, serious about promoting their products, and are invested in being part of the outdoor industry.

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Why is there a fee?

On NPS, 1 in 4 people who apply to a brand get sponsored! Our market research suggests those who seek sponsorship on their own without NPS are only successful 1 in every 25+ attempts. Our service ensures your application will get to the right decision maker at the brand you are applying to, and you will receive a response. Brands use NPS to recruit new prostaff all the time and respond to applications on NPS because they know you are serious about their brand. We charge a $25 fee to process each application so we can provide support to both the brands, anglers, and hunters who use our service.

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What do Sponsored Anglers and Hunters get?

Sponsorship deals vary widely by brand, and range from entry level to full-time professional. Generally speaking, prostaff members can expect to receive free or discounted gear, advanced access to new products, brand swag like jerseys, hats, decals for boats/trucks, and in some cases even cash payments or help with expenses.