Carrot Stix

Did you know that the name Carrot Stix came from the Word NANO CELLULOSE BIO FIBERS? Well its True, because these Bio Fibres (that are used to make the Fishing Rod Tighter and more Responsive) actually come from real Carrots ! Thus the Name Carrot Stix! You see these Fibers add to the bonding matrix to create a Super Strong bond called "bio-polymer", which is used in the creation of our High End Quality Graphite Blanks. Nano Silica Technology is Nano size micro-spheres of silica and when added to the special resin it improves compression strength up to 75% making the blank even more durable without adding weight. Bet you never would have thought that the actual rod had been developed by a world renowned Science Lab coming up with all kinds of innovations to make the world a better place. The Carrot Stix Rod had been introduced at the 2007 ICAST show and walked away with the unprecedented Three Best of Show Winning categories.

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