Swagger Tackle

Our mission isn’t to be the cheapest tungsten company out there... Our mission is to be the best. We at Swagger Tackle Co. operate on principle vs. profits and offer the best quality to cost ratio in terminal tungsten. You see, we didn't go into business to gouge our anglers for the money, we got into the business to become the answer to overpriced, poorly made tungsten that all of us were stuck paying $9 a piece for. We are anglers, making the best products at the best prices for our anglers - We are, an angler’s first company! Offering 97% ultra-dense tungsten, we take the time to diamond polish each core by hand both before and after we paint to ensure you have zero issues with line damage. Speaking of paint jobs, we slap on the baddest plastic resin paint job in the game that can take an absolute beating without chipping. A lot of companies say they have chip resistant paint but the proof is in the pudding.

Terminal Tackle

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