American Tackle Rattlin' Shrimp

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Andrew Barker
Who doesn't love a shrimp cocktail?
This bait never disappoints, especially in large bodies of water/rivers. The smallmouth bass in Michigan absolutely love it. I have had this bait settle on the bottom and with a slight twitch, literally within seconds, I have attracted the attention of multiple big smallmouth. Fish typically rush in and smack it like it's the only food around for miles! It is very life like, durable, and I highly recommend it to anyone.
Eric Enderle
Great Swimming Action
These Rattlin' Shrimp are da bomb! Fish hit it in almost any weather............
Darrin Heim
Rattlin Shrimp Is The Most Reliable Inshore Bait!
We've been fishing these baits as a standard in our boat now for over a year. They are durable, cast well, get noticed by hard to please fish, but more importantly they are reliable. Although we have other baits for certain situations, Rattlin Shrimp have replaced everything else and are always tied on a Gear rod 100% of the time(even in the garage). They work!
Roger Her
Great Rattlin Shrimp
I’ve fished Rattlin Shrimp at the Outer Banks NC on the pier across from the KOA camp site, KOA owns the pier, I’ve caught a few baby stripped bass there as well and some nice sea trout. I almost didn’t believe the sea trout run there but after I hauled in a few nice ones it was so awesome. A+
Bert Winkler
Productive soft bait
This Rattlin Shrimp is very attractive bait for Sea Trout. I landed 7 Trout in 3 hours on the grass flats in the Gulf of Mexico, Crystal River area. It cast well and is tough. I purchased several more of different color patterns. Can't wait to try them out on Red Drum or Snook. This is a good product!
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