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Bait Sack

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Sack Em' Up!

They say the best inventions, are born out of frustration with a problem, that other products on the market are unable to solve. The idea for the Bait Sack, came to me as I was fishing on a lake in Southern California, with a buddy of mine. While throwing crankbaits and umbrella rigs, we began talking about the hassles presented by these types of lures with multiple hooks: everything from problems with transportation and storage, to hooks getting caught with other rods and creating a mess or worse yet – in your finger. Like most anglers, I had already tried many of the available lure wraps without success. Traditional velcro style wraps are very difficult and clumsy to use, requiring you to hook your lure to your rod, and then put the wrap around the lure and rod. This often leads to hooks getting caught in the velcro, lures slipping out of the wrap, and hooks scratching rods. I knew there had to be a better solution, so I set out to create The Bait Sack. The Bait Sack is the combined result of over 2 years of research and development, countless hours of refining and testing, and a love of all thing’s that make it easier to do what I love most: fishing. The Bait Sack is the fastest, easiest and most secure lure protector on the planet. Just squeeze with one hand to open, drop the lure in, place the line under the line keeper, and clip onto your rod. It’s that simple! No more velcro, tangled lures or damage to your gear and no hooks in yourself or your carpet. The Bait Sack is great for all anglers whether on a boat, kayak, float tube or on the shore. Protect yourself and your gear with The Bait Sack!


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