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Balloon Fisher King

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The Original Balloon Clip

The balloon fishing technique is fairly common and has been around for quite some time, for both saltwater and freshwater species and not only here in the US, but also internationally in many different countries. The purpose of the balloon is to serve as a highly effective float and to use wind or current to convey live or dead bait to a desired strike location, either under the surface or off the bottom. You can set the bait depth by attaching your balloon to a desired location on the fishing line often by tying, using rubber bands, swivels, or some other jury rigged method of attachment. As effective as they can be, balloons can also be a real nuisance and there are drawbacks, the biggest which is inconvenience. They are difficult and time consuming to attach, often slide on the line, and even more of a burden to remove from the line especially when an angler is fighting the fish. The Balloon Fisher King balloon clip was developed to attach and remove a balloon from fishing line in seconds and provide adjustable, precise bait depth control. The balloon clip is reusable and will not cut or nick the line. Balloon Fisher King also uses only 100% natural latex, biodegradable balloons which are much higher in quality and better for the environment than synthetic latex balloons.


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