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Balls Deep Tackle

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The concept for Balls Deep Tackle seems like the kind of lunacy that would come after some crazy, booze-filled boys trip in the middle of Mount Saint Nowhere. Sadly, this is not the case. It's sad, mostly, because the mastermind behind Balls Deep Tackle literally dreamed this idea up during a random brainstorming session- all alone. And that story is something AK will have to live with forever. When asked about why he decided to just go for it, his reply is simple, " I wanted to find a way to make people laugh. So far I'm 2-for-2. Some may call his creation racy, some may say pervy, they may even suggest that AK is completely and totally nuts! Well, the Balls Deep Tackle team agrees with that notion. AK is nuts, Nuts For Fish'n that is!


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