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Blackfly Lures

Share ON, CA Official Website
Proudly Canadian Hand Made Quality Fishing Lures & Spinnerbaits
Have you ever spring fished in Northern Ontario? Well, you will know why we called this company Blackfly Lures. We hate them but we love them. Blackfly bites are a badge of honour for any angler and Blackfly Lures are a secret of many successful Ontario fishermen.

Blackfly Lures is proudly Canadian. All lures are hand-made in beautiful Acton, Ontario by owner Steve Hartnagle and his staff.

Steve is an avid fisherman committed to making high quality, uniquely crafted lures you can count on. He sells thousands and thousands of spinnerbaits each year. Baits come in a rainbow of colors. While some manufacturers try to find ways to cut costs Steve looks for ways to improve the baits.


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