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Bog Baits

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The most realistic frog and snake baits on the planet
Bog baits is dedicated to bringing fisherman the best and most realistic frog baits, snake baits and fishing related products with the best prices available! We are not a clothing store, so you won't find fancy shirts and sweaters here; just some of the Most Realistic Frog and Snake Baits on the Planet!!! I started fishing over 40 years ago and wanted baits that would catch the biggest fish, not just numbers, so after years of trial and error we came up with our current lineup. We use all premium plastic that is blended for strength and action and custom paints for that realistic look. A lot of time goes into making them look real, but that's the key. Only quality components and materials are used in our process. These baits are not mass produced, so you're getting a bait that someone actually took time to detail. Our Bog Frogs are all made from handmade molds from real frogs, unlike most of the other Frog Baits you see that resemble something from Star Wars instead of a frog. We are constantly testing new baits and will be adding some to our product line as we go. I fish and test almost every weekend, so when I design a new bait, I know it works well. Our #1 goal is customer satisfaction. We want you to be 100% satisfied with our products. We also look forward to your input on our products. What makes our baits stand out from everyone else's is that we go the extra on our lures, we take the time to add the eyes, seal the baits. It's the detail that makes these the best. I have over 30 years experience custom painting soft plastics and wood lures. You won't find anyone with as much knowledge dealing with Soft Plastics. We also would like to thank our customers from other countries who purchase our products. We value your support and will do all we can to make your buying experience an enjoyable one. Thanks for stopping by, and we look forward doing business with you.


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