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For Outdoorsmen by Outdoorsmen
Boiar, LLC was founded in December 2015 by Jonathan Beal and Patrick Floyd. The idea was created while the two founding members were on a fishing trip in Brazil. While on the fishing boat, a gust of wind blew Jonathan's brand new hat off of his head, immediately sinking the hat to the bottom of the Amazon River. The men commented on how nice it would have been if the hat had floated on the surface of the river. They began to wonder if this floating technology had even been introduced to the hat world. Alas, Boiar was born.

Because the idea was created in Brazil and the native language there is Portuguese, Jonathan and Patrick chose to name their company Boiar which means "to float in Portuguese. Boiar is looking to provide an innovative niche into the outdoor market, an integrated floating hat. The Boiar founders are outdoorsmen bringing other outdoorsmen a new product which will NOT sink if lost in the water. This is where our motto was derived. "For Outdoorsmen by Outdoorsmen.


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