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The Next Generation in Eyewear Retention

Necessity sparked invention for Ron Williams, an avid outdoorsman and inventor of Cablz® Eyewear. Williams, who has sold medical devices for more than two decades, was in a hurry when leaving a hospital parking deck one morning. When he turned his head to check for oncoming traffic, his fabric eyewear retainer snagged, knocking his sunglasses across his face. Frustrated, Ron snatched off his sunglasses, retainer and all, and tossed them to the floorboard. They landed in a duffle bag next to a surgical steel cable used to repair complex fractures, then Ron got a bright idea. When he got home, Ron took the cable and some electrical tape and fashioned the first Cablz® prototype. Cablz® were invented in 2007. Ron is no stranger to invention or entrepreneurial pursuits. In the 1970s, his father, Edgar Williams, invented Cajun Injector. To this day, QVC honors him for two consecutive years as the network’s number one volume producer. Ron has obtained several patents and trademarks and continues to refine his invention.


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