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California Bass Federation

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The California Bass Federation tournaments are run in six separate regions. Club members can choose to fish any of these regions or jump in and fish as traveler and compete in several regions. The anglers that compete in our regional qualifying tournaments develop a great camaraderie and in doing so have met and know members from many other clubs. Anglers compete regionally and top regional qualifiers advance to the State Championship. The top finishing anglers will then move on to divisional competition individually and as a collective team. The winners are then on the road to the FLW Cup, BFL All American and BassFan Weekend Warrior Championships. To begin your journey into the competitive end of the California State Bass Federation you must be a member of the FLW and an FLW affiliated club.

Another great thing about the California Bass Federations tournaments is that you don't even have to be a club member to check out the tournaments for yourself. Absolutely anyone can come on down and compete in one of our regional qualifying events before making the decision to join up fully. You can sample the tournaments and then decide if the California Bass Federation tournaments are good for you. If you like the event then we can help you find an affiliated club and get you started on becoming a full member of the best bass fishing experience you'll find anywhere.

We are proud of our Federation and many anglers have come from within the ranks of everyday fisherman to fish the FLW championship. Fishermen by the likes of Aaron Martins, Skeet Reese, Gary Klein, Dean Rojas, Mike Reynolds, and many others have shown the rest of the world that West Coast fishermen can compete with the best. On behalf of the California Bass Federation, we welcome you to follow us on NPS and checkout both our website and facebook page for more information.


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