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Climate Technical Gear

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Climate Technical Gear is Canada’s leading manufacturer of engineered work wear and flotation products for industrial environments. Our focus is on technical, quality manufacturing with a high level of quality control that delivers high quality, technical products. We have been in Nova Scotia for 30 years; our company name captures who we are, and why we get out of bed every morning. Solid performance in unforgiving climates is not an option, so our work starts where others stop too. Climate manufactures in Dartmouth, NS Canada. We work in tandem with our customers to develop, design, and manufacture products that are sold to a wide client base ranging from small specialty outlets to large national retail chains, major utilities and oil and gas companies. And in many cases our research and development team collaborates with our industrial clients to innovate and create new solutions for the age-old battle between a garment’s function and form. Our full-time design team works diligently to craft practical, durable, specific use garments, and fully integrated garment systems for the optimal combination of insulation, ventilation and protection. Our world-class manufacturing team is second to none. We serve our clients by remembering our customer, and starting where others stop. Our close relationships with end-users enable us to work collaboratively to develop uncompromising, relevant garments for extreme work environments. Because at the end of the day, preventing industrial injury and illness, and maximizing comfort and performance is what matters most. Climate Technical Gear develops, designs and manufactures high-quality industrial work wear and flotation products, and collaborates with industrial clients and partners to develop unique, customized solutions. Our head office and manufacturing facility is located in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.


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