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ConnectScale is an innovative fishing tool that combines a digital fishing scale with Bluetooth 4.0 technology to transmit data to the ConnectScale Mobile app. Using ConnectScale, anglers are able to weigh their catch using a 55-pound limit, water-resistant scale which automatically transmits the weight and air temperature data to the mobile app. The data is then combined with the date, time, air temp, and GPS location of the catch through the app which creates an entry in a catch log in which anglers can add lure type used, species caught, photo of the catch and other critical catch data. Cloud-based storage lets users access their ConnectScale data from any iOS and Android device, allowing anglers to identify patterns and share stories and photos on social media through Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. The new Tournament culling feature that was recently launched in December helps anglers capture and analyze catch data when fishing in tournaments. The feature allows anglers to easily track and manage their catches and sends push notifications on which catches should be kept, culled, or released. Founded in 2015, ConnectScale, LLC is a Tennessee-based, fishing analytics and product development company dedicated to providing tools for recreational and tournament anglers to make fishing experiences more efficient and enjoyable.



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