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Controlled Descent Lures

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Adjustable buoyancy is what sets Controlled Descent Lures™ apart from other soft plastics.
Our strategically placed hollow cavity provides the perfect location to insert foam (provided in each package) to add buoyancy that the angler can control. This allows the angler to make the fishing lure float, suspend, or sink at any rate they choose based on the conditions and aggressiveness of the fish targeted. It gives the flexibility to change the sink rate to find what the fish want and easily adapt throughout the day. In addition to flotation, the angler can add a rattle into the cavity without distorting the shape and action of the lure. Other benefits with Controlled Descent Lures™ are the ability to add scent or weights to the cavity. In grassy conditions, adding weights inside the lure versus on the line or hook shank keeps grass from catching on the weight. With the Owner TwistLOCK™ CPS hook that is provided in each pack, these lures can easily be rigged weedless. Whether you are fishing the shallow grass flats, mossy back lakes, jagged shell and rocks, or pier pilings, Controlled Descent Lures™ can get to where the fish are.



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