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Dave's Tangle Free

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High Performance Fishing Weights Made in the USA

Dave's Tangle Free is an Oregon-based manufacturer of high performance lead-free fishing weights. Our patent pending steel weights are not only safer for people and wildlife, but they snag and tangle up less! So you'll spend more time with your line in the water and less time fixing broken and tangled lines. What makes them high performance? Our sleek outer covering is designed to glide along and not get snagged up like lead. And our low-profile half swivel leaves less room to tangle up in your line. Our weights work surprisingly well for a large array of applications from drift fishing to bass fishing and many more. What's your favorite way to fish? There's probably a Dave's weight that can make it even better. Our founder and owner, Dave Harding, grew up and lives in Portland, Oregon. When time allows he loves to fish on the Sandy River, Columbia River and occasionally takes advantage of our close proximity to the abundance of the Pacific Ocean. He founded Dave's Tangle Free in 2012 after just becoming a father. His passion for fishing, determination for finding a fishing weight that his son could safely handle AND the determination to solve the frustration of constantly losing weights to tangles and snags were combined after many months of tinkering in our shop. The result was our high performance lead-free fishing weights. He has many more ideas up his sleeve and is always tinkering and thinking so who knows what he will come up with next. Stay tuned! We believe in supporting American companies, making sustainable choices and spending time doing what you love in life. Find your passion and go for it!


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