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Duckett Fishing

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Our company slogan is “Pro-Driven.” What that means is that our rods were developed literally by and for pros, so people who buy this rod will be getting a product that professionals built and use with confidence. Obviously, you’ll see me fishing with them in the Bassmaster Classic and on the ESPN Elite Series tour. But “Pro-Driven” also means something else: it means we’re not corporate-driven. Initially, we were actually going to make our company slogan say “driven by pros, not by profits,” because we want people to understand that our decisions won’t be made corporate-style. We won’t sit around a boardroom table figuring out ways to cut corners to help our bottom line. I believe that cutting corners leads to offering an inferior product, and we’re simply not going to do that. (We don’t do that in my tank-trailer business, and we won’t do that at Duckett Fishing.) We’re committed to producing rods that truly help anglers.


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