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EGO Fishing Gear product lines have been designed and developed to fill a void in the upper tier of the sport fishing accessory and tools market segment where meaningful innovation, design and functionality were noticeably absent in existing products. The EGO S2 Slider landing nets designed on a modular platform and offering the most advanced handle extension technology available and EGO S1 Genesis landing nets offering exceptional value and functionality have historically been the most important products sold under the EGO brand. However, in recent years additional fishing tools and accessories have been added to meet specific angler applications and requirements. The brand has developed a strong reputation for innovative product design, superior functionality and product quality all delivered with first class service.

Over the past 10 years the distribution channels for the EGO products have expanded nationally to include most major sporting goods retail chains, distributors and larger independent dealers. Internationally, the brand has partnered with key distributors in many countries such as Canada, Australia, Russia, South Africa, South Korea, Japan, Europe and New Zealand.



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