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For over 50 years, the Fenwick name has been a legend among fishermen all over the world.

Fenwick developed some of the first rods designed exclusively for the competitive bass fisherman. With new rods like the famous Lunkerstickâ„¢, Fenwick quickly gained a great reputation among bass fisherman as it had among fly rod, spinning and saltwater anglers. Fenwick quickly became know world-wide for producing the highest quality rods for, "the above average fisherman and commanded nearly half of the fishing rod market.

Fenwick became the first rod manufacturer to introduce an all-graphite fishing rod, the now world famous HMG. It stood for High Modulus Graphite, and it was a technology that would not only revolutionize the method of making fishing rods; it would revolutionize the way anglers fished as well. The Fenwick Flippin Stickâ„¢, was invented by Fenwick to create an entirely new method of bass fishing.

Every rod we build represents a lifelong contract between us and its owner to deliver a lifetime of satisfying fishing experiences where ever and whenever they fish. Today, Fenwick's tradition of technology continues to meet the specialized needs of avid anglers. Contemporary fishermen are no longer generalists. They're specialists “ bass fisherman, walleye fisherman, fly fisherman, saltwater fisherman… avid anglers who identify themselves by a specific technique or species. In response, Fenwick's tradition of technology continues to drive its designers, engineers and pro staffers to develop sophisticated fishing rods specifically designed for specialized applications. It's why, for over half a century, Fenwick rods have been known, and will always be known, in the words of one of our founders, as "the most thought-out fishing rods in the world.



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