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Fish Allure
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Fish Allure

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FISH Allure is a revolutionary scented bait tab that can simply be applied to any hard surface.
FISH Allure brings Hard Surfaces to Life. This is the first ever, scented product designed for hard surfaces. These are water activated tabs that trigger the fish's natural instincts. They are super easy to use, long lasting, and scientifically proven.

What make FISH Allure tabs different and better than other fish attractants? The tab is simple to apply and lasts for up to 60 minutes. FISH Allure won't wash off when it hits the water like fish oils. On the contrary, the water is the activator that brings the amino acids to life. This means that the active ingredients are never wasted or evaporated “ YOU control when the tabs are activated!

The proof is in the science. The breakthrough behind FISH Allure comes at the molecular level. After thousands of lab trails, scientists created a proprietary polymer film that stores and releases amino acids and other active ingredients at levels that exceed a fish's scent threshold. Using this scientifically engineered, patent pending technology and award winning product, will greatly enhance the overall experience of fishermen: amateur and professional anglers alike.



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