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Fishbum Outfitters was born of friendship

It was born on a river to be exact, while out fishing. Two best friends talking, and taking a break from brainstorming every once in a while to land a fish. Days of preparation turned into weeks, weeks into months, and nearly a year later the launch of Fishbum Outfitters. From day one, the people at Fishbum had visions of creating something different while being able to bring a level of customer service that no industry has ever seen. From our team of designers right down to our logisitics department, Fishbum is dedicated to the smallest details to ensure that your entire experience with us is a good one. We are after all, just like you. We live to fish. Be it a lake, river, stream or ocean – if there is water around it’s not long until we are chasing fish and making friends as we go. So fish on friends, and don’t be afraid to drop us a line telling us about your fishing experiences! We love to hear them!



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