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Fishing Physics

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Kenai River, Alaska, 2008 – An unlikely encounter between a salmon fishing guide and a University PHD revealed an aspiration shared between the two: the creation of a durable, all-natural bait that would not harm the environment and that would catch, monster King Salmon. Their vision was to produce a salmon roe substitute so anglers wouldn’t need to kill a hen (female salmon) to cure and use her eggs as bait. Collectively, the Fishing Physics™ team brought technology and science together and the first iteration of Fishing Physics™ was spawned with the release of our patented hydrogel Salmon Eggs, in July, 2013. Since then, we have developed and patented additional formulations of our hydrogel, which has led to the evolution of our fresh and salt water soft baits and the official introduction of Fishing Physics™ into the sportfishing market in late 2014. Currently, we offer six versions, which come in a variety of colors, sizes and soaks. We are continuing to improve our product line designing new hydrogels, colors and soaks.


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