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Friends since childhood, founding partners Mike and Zane grew up together in Virginia on the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay. Whether they were out fishing or crabbing, sailing or water skiing, or just cruising around the bay, harbors and surrounding rivers and lakes, they were always outdoors, usually on the water, and always in heated pursuit of their passions.

Fastforward to over a decade after graduating from different colleges and a number of individual business startups, the two reunited in late 2012, pooled their resources and a collective desire to enter into the outdoor sporting goods market, and shortly thereafter, ICON Coolers was born.

We set out to compete in the niche space of rotomolded performance ice chests based on a common belief that there was room to do so with high quality products if they could be manufactured and delivered at more value-laiden price points and in a greater selection of colors than were previously available to end consumers. It seemed simple enough to us. However, while the business model initally demanded our products be made overseas to cut costs and reduce barriers to entry, we knew we needed to do more if wanted to make a real mark on the inudstry. We soon realized what we had always known to be true in our hearts, that to be truly effective in our pursuits, we would need to deliver true American Made value and selection to the rotomold performance cooler market where it had not yet been adequately offered. This would not be quite as simple.

Still small, but committed, we stopped importing product early in 2014 and set out to design and manufacture our own coolers here in the states. After over a year in product development, a steep learning curve and numerous scrapped designs, we officially launched our all new USA Made ICON Coolers product line at the Miami International Boat Show in February, 2015 to a very receptive international audience.

In a nutshell, we build our coolers here in the U.S.A. using only the best in materials and roto-mold manufacturing facilities so you can be confident you're getting true American-Made quality, value and selection with your new ICON performance cooler purchase. You'll hear that in order to be competitive you have to produce overseas, and that "Quality, "Value" and "American Made no longer belong in the same sentence, much less on the same page.

We disagree. It was not simple by any means, but that was the challenge. That was our goal...and we've been working like mad. We're pretty sure we nailed it, however you'll have to be the ultimate judge on that!



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