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Inseine Fishing

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Inseine Fishing is about creating the bass lures to help you catch more fish!
Inseine Fishing was started for one simple reason: We loved to jig fish and we just never could find just the right jig. So it was decided to start a jig company!

We had one very simple goal: make a high quality jig that catches bass!

So we started with the best components we could find and with the premise that our jigs would be made here in the USA. Each jig head is poured and painted here in the USA using the best paint on the market!

We exclusively use Mustad Ultra Point hooks in all of our jigs as they are the sharpest hooks we found that retained their sharpness over time. We worked with a Bassmaster Elite Pro in our hook selection as the experience was invaluable to learn what mattered the most when fishing for a living.

Our skirt material is the premier skirt material in the world! It is made in Vietnam however. We wanted high quality materials in all of our jigs and this is where it is found.

Each and every jig is assembled, packaged and shipped from Tulsa, OK at our headquarters.



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