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King Offshore Ocean Lures

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King Offshore Ocean Lures was started simply because we wanted to have a custom option for our deep sea lures. We have over 70 years of deep see fishing experience from Australia, New Zealand, and the Caribbean, to the entire West coast of North America and South America, as well as the Hawaiian islands. We started making our own lures over 10 years ago because King Offshore Ocean Lures wanted to add more detail to the heads, pick our own skirt colors, and be able to tweak those details and colors for the geographic regions we were fishing, as well as for the type of fish we were targeting. Our main focus was always based on five key fish: Marlin, Tuna, Yellow Fin, Dorado, and Wahoo. King Offshore Ocean Lures started receiving feedback and advice from many of the local fisherman and charter boat captains from the various areas over the years. With our experience and this information we changed everything from the type of eyes, the color(s) in the heads, and skirt patterns and colors. Then King Offshore Ocean Lures began enhancing the design of the head itself in order to change the action of the lure in the water. The results were outstanding! We started getting more hits and catching more fish progressively as we made changes over the years. If you go to our photos you can see the many different types of lures we have tried and tested through the years. King Offshore Ocean Lures stocks many of them, but they are all available. More importantly, King Offshore Ocean Lures wanted to bring the custom option to everyone, along with our detailed craftsmanship.


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