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Leviathan Outdoors

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Leviathan Outdoors is a veteran-owned company in Austin, TX that was founded to create the most uncompromising fishing rods in the world. Now, everyone says they've got the best this or that, and that's a shame. It's confusing. So, what separates us from the other guys? It's simple. It's our methodology: We completely broke down the modern fishing rod into its most basic parts, every piece of it. Then we put in the time--weeks, months, years--and we searched the entire industry to find the finest representations of each part of the rod. Who makes the best reel seats, the best guides, and the best grips? We know. We found them, and we brought them all together to create the most remarkable rods this God-given sport has ever seen. No one has done that; only us. So, you have the opportunity to get a hold of something incredible--a fishing rod without a single weak link; an instrument of unsurpassed craft, quality and value where every component matters, all to benefit you, our deeply appreciated customer.


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