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Lockjaw Jigs
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Lockjaw Jigs

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Our main goal is to save bass tournament anglers time and money when fishing, but also give the weekend angler a bait he can use once a month or every other weekend without falling apart. We do this by hand tying our skirts on the jigs using thread that is attached to the head itself. This give the skirt NO movement, we can tie a jig and put colors where they need to be placed and they stay put forever. You will beat these baits paint off the heads on docks, rocks, and pontoon boat tubes but the skirt will forever stay put. We guarantee that or we will buy the bait back from you. No other company will offer this buy back guarantee because no other company builds a bait that is built to last like ours. Our hand tied skirts will save you time, time is very valuable to all anglers. the tournament guys who are fishing for a check or the weekend guy who snuck to the honey hole before the wife gets off work or kids get off school one day through the week. Nobody has time to mess with a loose skirt or dry rotted rubber band on their favorite color bait. You want to fish and we know you want to fish because we want to as well. Hand tied skirts will also save you money because you're no longer buying replacement skirts at $2 or more a 2 pack. Another top feature we offer with our baits is our custom bait keeper. We have been hand bending our keeper for 10 years now and our customers have loved them. This keeper is simply a small hand bent hook that runs behind the hook holding your soft plastic trailers in place cast after cast and fish after fish. You will triple the number of fish caught on one trailer provided you're using a good quality plastic trailers. Your time spent fixing loose plastic baits will decrease and the money you save from losing them will increase. In todays world we cannot afford to spend money on trailers for one fish to shake its head and toss the plastic right off the hook. And we all know that there is never enough time when we are fishing so why waste it on fixing your baits?



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