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Luck E Strike

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Regardless of the industry, it is no small accomplishment to survive 45 years in business. Surviving in today's climate takes passion, vision, and hard work. At Luck E Strike we are proud of our heritage but we are never satisfied. More than ever, passion and vision is our core, but we have shifted gears. We have shifted from celebrating the ability to survive for 45 years to finding a way to thrive for the next 45 years. As a leadership team this is a return to our roots. Fishing is in our blood. For our generation and the several before us fishing was a way of life, a rite of passage, and our outlet from the cares of life. Whether you are fishing a neighborhood pond or competing in one of the top tournament circuits, we invite you to share in our journey. We want the opportunity to be a part of every fishing trip you take. Our commitment to you is to produce a range of quality products that earns us the right to be on those trips. We are prepared.



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