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Lucky John

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Brand Lucky John started as a hobby. It brought together a group of people with similar interests “ and the hobby turned into a business. In 1988, Mr. Janis Stikuts “ a multiple champion of Latvia and the Baltic States in different types of fishing sports “ along with other fishing enthusiasts, decided, that every fisherman should be able to use high quality spinners, crankbaits and other spinning lures, which were a real rarity at that time. So they set up a small factory to start the production. At the beginning, the product range was relatively small “ 13 rotating spinners, each in two colors, 2 wobblers in two colors, 4 spoons, one Devon, 14 fly fishing flies, 8 winter lures, a few wind- rings and buckles. There was no absolute certainty, that the products will reach the market, but that's how the Lucky John story started.



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