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Lyman Lures

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Lyman Lures are handmade in Kelowna, BC. They have proven themselves regularly on lower BC's "Big Lakes" such as Okanagan, Kootenay, Mabel, Shuswap, Arrow, Mara, Kalamalka, Wood for large Rainbow, Bull and Lake Trout. Their success does not stop there though, they have taken countless Lahotan strain Cutthroat trout in some Washington lakes, and the larger plugs are taking record sized Cutties in Nevada stillwaters. Lyman plugs are not only deadly in the freshwater, they are very popular on the West Coast for all species of salmon. Coho love the action of a size 5 and will regularly slam them off the top! many guides are finding success consistently using Lyman plugs for big Chinooks as well as the other salmon species. These people's paycheques are riding on their success with clients, and they aren't going to put themselves at a disadvantage by using anything but the best. If you want to improve your success no matter where it is, on the fly fishing lakes when the hatch is off, on the big coast when the salmon have seen too much bait and flashers, when the bite comes on with the big Gerrards, or maybe when you can't draw that pig of a Largemouth out from under those lily pads, or can't trick the smallies into leaving their rock cover, no matter when or where you are fishing, you can always count on Lyman Lures to be a good producer.


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