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Mann's Bait

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Mann's Bait Company was started in 1956 by Tom Mann, in Eufaula, Alabama and has grown to become one of the leaders in the manufacturing of fishing tackle in the world. Mann's prides itself on providing innovative, and quality driven products for its customers and being the leader when it comes to competitive pricing, durability, and availability.

No other lure company in the world produces as many categories as Mann's does: hardbaits such as lipless lures, crankbaits, topwater poppers, plus, saltwater trolling lures, jigs, spinnerbaits, soft plastics, tubes, creature baits, hollow-body frogs, and, many, many more. Mann's Bait Company has a full-line production facility all housed in Eufaula, Alabama to this day and 99% of what Mann's makes is Made in the USA.

Some of our brand names include: Stretch 25+, Stretch 30+, Baby 1-, Classic Spinnerbait, Mann-O-Lure, Little George, Stone Jig, Hardnose, The Jelly Worm, Loudmouth, EZCrank30+, SuperFrog, Frankentoad, Manniac, Depth Plus Series…and many more.

Mann's Bait Company lures have been fished over the years in hundreds of national level tournaments to help professional anglers win thousands of dollars in prize money. Pro's like, Paul Elias, Luke Clausen, Mike Iaconnelli, David Dudley, and Hank Parker, just to name a few have all been part of the Mann's team at some point.

Saltwater, freshwater, bass, musky, striper, offshore, and inshore, Mann's Bait Company produces a lure that will help you catch more fish, in any situation.


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