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We're a father and son team of avid anglers. In 1997, we recognized a gap in the jig heads market in our region of Florida: There were no double-barbed jig heads being sold. The materials needed to make higher quality fishing lures were out there. But there weren't any companies creating elite jig heads. And we were tired of losing soft baits on one or two fish because the heads on the market weren't up to our standards. So we decided to make the fishing lures we wanted ourselves.

When we set out to create the best jig heads on the market, we took our time researching existing fishing lures and the materials available. Making high quality lures that were affordable was our goal from the start. We knew we wanted banana-style shaped jigs, and we still use that head shape today. We also knew the heads needed to have double-barbed necks. We tested different barb sizes and numbers, but finally settled on a 2 because it holds the most weight without damaging soft baits. Our goal was to avoid overkill on the neck by having the perfect number of barbs. And those barbs had to be the perfect size.

Our next step was finding the ideal hook. The jig heads on the market in 1997 had two problems when it came to hooks. Some were manufactured with low quality metals, resulting in weak heads. Others were made with stainless steel, which made them too expensive.
We wanted hooks sharp and strong enough to stand up to the toughest strike, be it redfish, sea trout, tarpon, snook, bonefish, permit, pompano, snapper, walleye, bass, rockfish (stripers), pike and even grouper. We wanted hooks that would ensure Mission Fishin' jig heads could handle any fish and survive the tough conditions of saltwater fishing. We chose a corrosion resistant black nickel needle point model in 1997, and we still use this hook on our fishing lures. And we're confident we made the right choice, because the hook our jig heads are made with has become an industry standard

Finally, we improved on the paint found on jig heads in the late 1990s. We use a powder paint base and hand paint the eyes on our fishing lures. We double bake the paint to make the finish smooth and durable. And we'd never put out heads with paint jobs that could clog the eyes or dull the barbs on the neck.


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