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Never Slip Bait Tape

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Save money. Save time. Catch more fish.
˜Never Slip' Bait Tape is a one-size-fits-all solution for all soft bait issues resulting from artificial or natural baits being repositioned down the hook shank eliminating life-like presentation.

˜Never Slip' Bait Tape dramatically increases useful life and reuse of individual soft baits. Soft baits with ˜Never Slip' Bait Tape will not need to be replaced due to loose fit between the jig and bait. (Manufacturers sell 50 to 65% of their soft baits inventories due to product failures and loss of life-like presentations associated with loose fit between the jig and bait). You save substantial money on reduced soft bait purchases when using ˜Never Slip' Bait Tape.

Additionally, ˜Never Slip' Bait Tape is simple and easy to apply on any soft bait. It is available in (10) fish catching colors including clear.


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