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Nipissing Jigs
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Nipissing Jigs

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It all started back in 1969 when Larry Ibleau, a proud Native Canadian, set out to find new tackle to catch walleye. Having the proper methods and techniques for catching these fish passed down through his tribe for generations, Larry knew the syle of jig to create that would suit their angling. Based off of these traditional angling techniques, Larry began making jigs for himself and family to fish with. With the initial success catching more walleye than ever on Lake Nipissing, Larry decided he would branch out with his tackle. He began sharing his jigs with close friends, followed by the local area. Over time, Larry eventually expanded his jigs across many parts of northern Ontario. With age growing upon Larry, he decided it was time to retire from the jig industry. Wanting to keep the tradition of his jigs alive, he passed his company onto close friends, who he knew would keep his families values at heart. Today, we offer the same commitment to the angling community that Larry set out to create over 40 years ago, while most importantly, ensuring quality products come first.



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