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Peregrine 250 Advanced Boat Wax & Cleaner Formula – is fast and easy to use. Its formulation contains an SPF 35 UV protectant that removes hull scum and hardwater spots. The Spray Wax Cleaner can be used on all parts or your boat, including stains on carpet. It can also be used on Trucks and RVs. This is your general purpose cleaner. This handles the typical cleaning of the boat hull, gunnels, consoles, transom, engine exterior, trailer, all of the gel coat hard surface areas including vinyl. Tip: Spraying and wiping a clean surface with 250 accomplishes two key things. 1) All future dirt, grime and hardwater spots will sit atop a layer of 250 making your next cleaning as easy as it gets. 2) 250 features a UV inhibitor that will help protect surfaces from harmful effects of ultra violet sunlight prolonging the life and color of your boat’s surfaces. Once you have cleaned enough area the microfiber towel will have plenty of cleaner in it and you will need to spray less product from the bottle. This will make your 250 supply last longer.



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